Anma Systems

Anma Systems is a premium yet cost effective, end-to-end solution provider of Information technology needs. Our flexible operational model breaks away from the mold of one size fits all and instead tailors to produce maximum ROI for our clients. We offer combitions of insourcing and outsourcing to provide maximum efficiency.

Our expertize spans multiple verticals: financial - investment banking, trading, front to back solutions, eCommerce, retail, supply chain, government, medical, aerospace and automotive industries. We are highly competant in regulated environments. By employing innovative talent search methods and by partnering with IT shops based in India, Anma Systems can achieve unparalleled cost effectiveness.

Why Anma Sytems?

  • Cost-effective end-to-end solution with focus on quality and reliability
  • Develop strong business relationships with our customers to understand their needs on an operational, business and enterprise level, in order to help them in their own client capability.
  • Consistently deliver high quality output through unwavered focus on client needs
  • Maintain expertise in our field through high quality training and continuous development of our people.
  • Assure data and asset security by employing the most advanced Internet Security technologies at all times.